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Greens reign supreme

From habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2022

From fashion to interiors, there is no hotter hue right now than green.

As recently as last year, it was lighter shades of sage that were the dominant variation, but there has been a sharp shift as greens have become less grey and instead have taken on far warmer and yellowed undertones. While paler celery greens, appetising avocadoes and lavish chartreuses are all relevant viridian varietals, it’s richly saturated and enticing olive greens that have come to the forefront of popularity. Distinctly comforting and cosy with strong roots in nature, it’s understandable why lush and leafy colours like Resene Olive Green, Resene Seaweed and Resene Woodland have become the most desirable for decorating as we try and seek solace in the midst of an increasingly complicated world.

An olive green master bedroom

A green moodboard

Bedroom: No colour is more popular in home decorating today than greens – especially olive tones. Upper wall in Resene Stone Age, lower wall and battens in Resene Wilderness, floor in Resene Green White, side tables in Resene Alabaster with 'marble effect' in Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Rolling Stone, cactus pot in Resene Celeste and vases/accessories in Resene Beethoven, Resene Papier Mache, Resene Hampton, Resene Toffee, Resene Teak and Resene Twine. Bedlinen, cushions and throw from Città, mirror, rug and cactus from Freedom, armchair from Contempa.  Mood board: Background in Resene Green White with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Beethoven, Resene Papier Mache, Resene Toffee, Resene Celeste, Resene Zen and Resene Wilderness, bowl in Resene Stone Age, lidded dish in Resene Hampton and vase in Resene Toffee.

Dark green interior walls

An olive green lounge

Room with bench: Right wall in Resene Mangrove with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Ravine, left wall in Resene Ravine with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Mangrove, floor in Resene Pumice with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Ravine, large vase in Resene Nirvana, plant pot in Resene Miso and small vases in Resene Travertine and Resene Possessed. Bench and cushion from Bauhaus.  Lounge: As the top trending colour pick among decorators, olive green is simply everywhere. Pair Resene Olive Green walls with timber flooring stained in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt, furniture in Resene Arrowtown, Resene Bianca and Resene Foundry and accessories in Resene Korma, Resene Flax and Resene Just Right for a warm and welcoming look. Furniture and accessories from Nood.

Keep it light

If you are worried olive, seaweed and army greens may feel too dark for your walls or floor, choosing a subtler green like Resene Pale Leaf or Resene Ottoman for your walls will bring a refreshing reminder of nature to your space and make it easy to accent or accessorise with smaller doses of stronger greens. Try painting a key piece of furniture, such as a sideboard, in Resene Clover or go full ‘cottagecore’ with a chequered floor in Resene Dingley and Resene Spanish White for a light yet luscious green look.

Green chequered floor in dining room

Green home interior

Dining room: A painted chequered floor in Resene Dingley and Resene Quarter Spanish White is a more interesting alternative to classic black and white and fits in with today’s ‘cottagecore’ trend – a concept that embraces a simpler, sustainable existence more harmonious with nature with an aesthetic nod to elements of traditional English design. Wall and bench seat in Resene Pale Leaf, table in Resene Fahrenheit, chair in Resene Spanish White and small jug vase in Resene Clover. Tablecloth and pillowcase from Foxtrot Linen, cushion, plates, candleholders and glasses from Città, salt and pepper grinders and jug from Everyday Needs.  Shelf: Wall in Resene Pale Leaf, cabinet in Resene Dingley, shelf and hooks in Resene Brown Pod and vases in Resene Half Spanish White (on shelf and sideboard right) and Resene Spanish White (sideboard left). Bag and candle from Blackbird Goods, throw from Città, card from Garden Objects.

Bluer blends

While the most prevalent greens are warmer ones, there has also been a divergence of silvery sage greens shifting to take on bluer tones – with the best examples being Resene Thor and the appropriately named Resene Green Meets Blue. These soft grey greens carry distinct hints of blue that are easy on the eyes. Plus, they’re great for pairing with pops of cheerful colours such as chartreuse, toffee or bitter orange like Resene Billy T, Resene Toffee or Resene Moroccan Spice.


A green and pink moodboard

For a lighter grey green option, try mid-toned, calming and quiet Resene Norway. Or opt for bright and breezy Resene Paris White. These two hues are chameleons and can be warmed up or cooled down depending which neutrals you pair them with. For a toastier vibe, go for Resene Rice Cake or Resene Eighth Fossil. To keep things cool, try Resene Mako or Resene Sea Fog.

Mood board: Background in Resene Half Rivergum, bowl in Resene Lemon Grass and vases in (clockwise from left) Resene Soothe, Resene Linen, Resene Eighth Joss, Resene Lemon Grass, Resene Coral Tree and Resene Quarter Bison Hide. Gold dish from H&M Home, wallet from Kmart.

A green home office

Office/Lounge: If your home has distinct architectural features, try highlighting them with different paint colours within the same family of hues. Right wall, shelf and box in Resene Thor, left wall in Resene Paris White with grid in Resene Thor, floor and tape dispenser in Resene Mako, middle stripe and top of dividing wall in Resene Saltpan and bookend in Resene Rice Paper. Armchair from Dawson & Co, rug from The Ivy House, cushion from Republic Home.  Lounge: Feature wall in Resene Norway, other walls in Resene Eighth Fossil, floor and small coffee table in Resene Quarter Fossil, cabinets in Resene Norway with inner panels in Resene Rice Cake and vases in Resene Amulet, Resene Pale Leaf, Resene Rice Cake and Resene Highland. Sofa from Freedom.

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