b'The brief John McCarthy gave designer John was boxy containers meet urban style. The couple didnt mind if the house was noticeably different from the older neighbouring houses, however, both Jenny and John wanted subtle materials and colours that blended with the tones and textures of the coastal setting.Next, Jenny showed John the furniture and artwork which needed to be accommodated within the design. Plus an existing tree whose body and soul were not to be parted with on mere account of the new house or its deck.John laughs, as he recalls that his initial plan had the trees branches rising through the middle of the dining table. Johns amended plans moved the house forward by two metres. The sculptural tree now takes pride of place between house and sea in the grooved kwila decking, and reminds John of the bonsai-looking start of a Japanese garden.Jenny got her L-shaped house while her husband received his shipping-container image and a highly functional, energy-efcient house to boot.John Ayers is adamant about making the best use of solar energy. The suns feel-good factor should never be underestimated, he stresses. He always strives to play God with available sun and light; to move and control them as much as possible. TopThe new bach certainly ts the owners brief for boxy containers meet For instance, the bachs entranceway is what he describes as a heat-sump with its carefullyurban style.positioned glass panels and quantities of polished concrete to trap the suns heat. Both heatAboveThe front door in Resene Deep Khaki is surrounded by a dramatic and light are channelled through the house, not forgetting or excluding the bedrooms. Eachextra-high entrance.of the three bedrooms faces north and has sliding glass doors to outdoors. Every space opens up, allowing cooling breezes through when needed.49'