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Grand Winner 2012/2013 Grand winner 2012/2013 - Amiria Kiddle
Bold colour reigns supreme in this retro-feel home in Havelock North. The interior colour scheme, designed by architectural designer Amiria Kiddle for the home of her parents Ian and Winifred Kiddle, was chosen from the Resene Style Pasifika range. "Colour is such a personal thing. What I like about this home is that the Kiddles have not shied away from using strong colours," says Leanne... more
1909 farmhouse in Marlborough January 2013 winner - Jo and John Blue
Jo and John Blue bought this 1909 farmhouse in Marlborough’s picturesque Awatere Valley in 2004. After several years living with its plain white exterior, they took the plunge and painted it with a striking combination of Resene CoolColour™ Midnight Express and Resene Half Pearl Lusta. “The colour choice is a fantastic success,” says Jo… more
a bedroom in a gender-neutral mix of aqua and pink December 2012 winner - Heather Cheer
Heather Cheer loves stripes and toyed with the idea of a colourful feature wall for years before making it a reality. “I saw some tips on how to achieve a sharp paint line on a UK TV show and I’ve wanted to create my own striped wall ever since,” says Heather. There was an even more poignant reason to paint a bedroom in a gender-neutral mix of aqua and pink – Heather and her husband Matthew Cheer are thrilled to have been officially selected to adopt a child. “We set about creating a unique colour scheme… more
November 2012 winner November 2012 winner - Amiria Kiddle
Ian, Winifred and daughter Amiria Kiddle's vibrant Havelock North home showcases a range of Pasifika-inspired shades from the Resene Style Pasifika collection. They drew inspiration for their decor from the work of the home's original architect, the late John Scott, whose designs were bold, original and distinctly New Zealand. "We chose Resene 'Red Frangipani' and Resene 'Orange Wood' for the kitchen and dining room," says Amiria... more
A peaceful kitchen colour scheme October 2012 winner - Sera Solomon
When it came to choosing a paint shade for her Lower Hutt kitchen, Sera Soloman knew exactly what she wanted: peace and serenity. "I wanted a place where the traumas of day-to-day life would disperse," says Sera, "where family would eat, talk, love and laugh - but overall a place of peace. "To achieve this, my husband Chris and I needed a clean, subtle colour scheme, which I found in Resene 'Robins Egg Blue'. For me, the softness and calm of this colour... more
Resene Colour Home Awards September 2012 winner September 2012 winner - Michele Powles and James Winton
It's not unusual for visitors to Michele Powles and James Winton's home to mistake the striped wall in their kitchen for expensive designer wallpaper. In fact, the clever colour combo is the handiwork of Michele, who knew exactly the look she was after. "I went to a Resene ColorShop and started playing around with the different coloured card paint samples," she says. "It took me about half an hour to choose the colours... more
Grand winner 2011/2012 Resene your Home and Garden award Grand winner 2011/2012 - Cheryl and Phil Johnston
Cheryl Johnston and her husband Phil are the winners of this year's award for their beautiful grey colour scheme. A transformation to their century-old villa in Cambridge in 2010 prompted a subtle colour change. They added a new ensuite, walk-in wardrobe and study off a bedroom at the back of the house, plus a separate garage, carport and a cottage.Cheryl took her time getting the right shades of grey and white, and discovered that perfecting a lighter palette can be even trickier thanworking with bright and bold shades. "There were hundreds of shades to choose from," says Cheryl... more
Resene Colour Home Awards winner February 2012 February 2012 winner - Cheryl Johnston
After three years spent dreaming about it, Cheryl Johnston and her husband Phil finally embarked on 12 months of redecorating to transform their century-old villa in Cambridge. Cheryl took her time selecting just the right shades of grey and white. “I had visions of what I wanted, but with hundreds of shades to choose from, I purchased a lot of Resene testpots to narrow down the options to the ideal few!” she says. Perfecting a lighter palette can be tricky... more
YHG Resene Colour Home Awards January 2012 winner - David and Lian Bruce
David and Lian Bruce of Papamoa in the Bay of Plenty were lucky enough to design and build their own home four years ago. When it came to the interior they set about livening it up with vibrant paint colours. Every room of the house has been painted in a different shade. The wall in the lounge was originally painted in Resene Hot Chile, but when spring arrived Lian wanted something more cheerful and decided to paint it Resene Clockwork Orange... more
Colour Home Awards December 2011 winner December 2011 winner - Sacha Lees
Anticipating the arrival of her second child, Wellington’s Sacha Lees created a fun space that her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Lupita Taylor could call her own. Lupita wanted a purple bedroom, for which Sacha used Resene Innuendo on two walls and Resene Quarter Napa on the others. For the stunning branch mural, Sacha drew an outline in pencil, then painted it with Resene Quarter Napa for the branch, Resene Smoky Green for the large leaves... more
Colour Home Awards November 2011 winner November 2011 winner - Claire and Ross Giblin
Claire and Ross Giblin of Porirua, Wellington, transformed a dated kitchen into a sunny multi-coloured delight within their 1960s home. The couple added a playful yet subtle element to their kitchen decor by using colour here and there. To accentuate the new pine plywood cabinetry they chose Resene Flashback, Resene Alibi and Resene Moonbeam, while the wood grain was showcased... more
October 2011 winner - Richard and Raphaella Carver October 2011 winner - Richard and Raphaella Carver
Located beside the Waimea Estuary in Nelson, colour has been used confidently in this modern family home. Richard and Raphaella Carver used splashes of colour to highlight the architecture of their new home. These include a vibrant blue feature wall in Resene Bowie in the living area and Resene Afterburner in the home office. Other walls and ceilings are painted Resene Merino using Resene SpaceCote... more
Grand winner 2010/2011 Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards Grand winner 2010/2011 - Tiffiny Orr
When it comes to colour, Tiffiny Orr knows what she likes. The mother of two didn’t let what anyone else thought of her bold colour scheme bother her when it came to giving her Auckland home a makeover. Some of her friends were shocked at the colours she chose, especially her decision to paint her bedroom navy. Sam and Jesse love the Resene Thunderbird red-orange in their playroom... more
February 2011 winner Resene Your Home & Garden competition February 2011 winner - Jane and William Teasdale
Jane and William Teasdale often look outside to discover people photographing their pretty pink home. Painted in Resene Clam Shell with Resene Soapstone on the trims, the historic 1860s cottage in Nelson regularly captures the attention of those passing by. “The cottage is often admired and it is not unusual to find people taking photos outside our gate,” Jane says. “Resene Clam Shell looks so sweet on the cottage and when my garden is in bloom it is a lovely sight. We feel very happy with the result... more
January 2011 winner January 2011 winner - Vanessa Lisowski and Simon van Rossum
Vanessa Lisowski and Simon van Rossum fell in love with Resene Red Hot and Resene Hyperactive, which they used sparingly, but with great impact, in their Auckland home. “There is an area outside our son’s room that we turned into our library. We made built-in shelves, adding splashes of red and orange to brighten up the space,” says Vanessa. Choosing to avoid pastels for the nursery, the couple drew inspiration from the library’s bold colour scheme. In Hendrick’s room they added Resene Blackout... more
December 2010 winner Resene Colour Home award December 2010 winner - Tiffiny Orr
Tiffiny Orr’s confident use of colour has transformed her 1970s home. When Tiffiny bought the house it was “white and bland” – not anymore! “With a tiny budget for the whole renovation, and heating issues to deal to, the only intervention with most rooms was colour,” she says. By painting the playroom walls in the stunning Resene ‘Thunderbird’, Tiffiny not only accentuated the colour with accessories in the same shade, but also in the adjoining dining area, bringing a sense of unity to the entire living space... more
a muted blue/grey for the exterior November 2010 winner - Kate Woodruffe and Steve Dorner
Having spent two years restoring their Auckland villa, one of Kate Woodruffe and Steve Dorner’s final tasks was to paint the exterior. Kate wanted a muted blue/grey for the exterior and found it in Resene ‘Powder Blue’ from the range of Karen Walker Paints range. Inspired by the Bird of Paradise plants in the front garden, she chose Resene ‘Clementine Orange’ for the front door… more
October 2010 winner October 2010 winner - Victoria Mahony
Wellington’s Victoria Mahony thrilled her daughter Milly, 5, and son Ned, 3, by brightening up their shared bedroom with Resene ‘Subzero’. “I thought horizontal stripes would look great across one wall and that it wouldn’t be too hard with the help of some trusty masking tape, a ruler and a little patience,” Victoria says. “We love the colour, and Milly, who has the top bunk, says that lying in bed feels like she is floating in the sky... more
Grand winner 2009/2010 Grand winner 2009/2010 - Erina Emery
Using Resene colours, Erina Emery let her imagination run wild while decorating her home, winning her the $5000 first prize in the Resene Colour Home Awards. Erina says “I love colour and I have always wanted a house where I could let my imagination run wild. I spent months planning and deciding how to revitalise and refresh the interior”… more
March 2010 winner March 2010 winner - Erina Emery
Erina Emery’s passion for bold colour is evident in the decor of her home.
“I love colour and have always wanted a house where I could let my imagination run wild – thankfully my husband was prepared to indulge me. “I spent many months planning and deciding how to revitalise and freshen the interior,” she says. “I started in the dining room with some amazing fabric that I found for the blinds and decided to have a lovely feature wall to match, for which we chose the colour Resene ‘Turbo’.

Thanks also to Alex Fulton and Natasha McIntosh for their assistance... more
February winner February 2010 winner – Sally Thompson
Swapping dull green for the warm red of Resene Old Brick has enhanced Sally Thompson’s enjoyment of her lounge immeasurably. “When the sunlight makes the walls glow, the room feels warm and inviting,” says the Christchurch homeowner. Her bedroom, painted in Resene Cut Glass, has the opposite effect. “It is stunningly calm and reminiscent of gorgeous beach days,” says Sally… more
January 2010 winner January 2010 winner – Sarah Smale
Sarah Smale, from Nelson, was always on the lookout for an authentic ‘duck-egg blue’, and she found it in Resene ‘Paris White’. She used it in a bedroom before also painting her house’s exterior with it… more
December Colour Home award winner December winner 2009 - Kate Kelly
When the Kelly family bought their 1911 villa, son Ruben's attic-style room had a dark and closed-in effect. But what was set to be a quick makeover became a six-month project! The skirting was replaced with a wider style and taupe sisal was laid on the floor. Then came sanding, priming and painting with Resene 'Periglacial Blue', which mum Kate Kelly had seen in a friend's bedroom... more
October winner November winner 2009 - Otis Frizzell and Sarah Longworth
Otis Frizzell and Sarah Longworth can't yet afford the kitchen of their dreams, but they have found a creative way to stamp their personality on their first home. "We love to eat out and love that French rustic kitchen look. Big blackboards look great in restaurants and kitchens alike so we thought we'd take that little bit of inspiration and add it to our home," says Sarah. The Auckland couple used Resene Blackboard Paint.... more
Grand Winner of the Resene Colour Home Award 2009 Grand winner 2008/2009 - Scott and Sharlene Woolston
For most of us, renovations are a sure-fire way to empty the bank account. But for creative Hamilton couple Scott and Sharlene Woolston, renovating their home has netted a $5000 windfall. Scott and Sharlene’s unerring instinct for brave and playful colour caught the eye of the judges in our Resene Colour Home Awards, who named them Supreme Winners of the annual competition – a coveted title that comes with a $5000 cash prize… more
YHG Grand Winner09 March winner 2008/2009 - Scott and Sharlene Woolston
Scott and Sharlene Woolston knew they had a lot of work on their hands when they bought this Hamilton home for their family three years ago. "At the time it seemed like such a huge project," says Sharlene, "but we both fell in love with the place." They started renovations in the kitchen, completing each room before starting on the next, so family life with George, 6, Oscar, 4, and Luca, 1, wouldn't be too disrupted. They have used Resene Bianca for the base interior colour for the walls except in the office and Luca’s room, which are Resene Karen Walker Periglacial Blue. The floor in George and Oscar’s roomis painted Resene Bianca with stripes of Resene Bright Red, Resene Gorse, Resene Sulu and Resene Anakiwa and finished with Resene polyurethane.... more
Resene Home and Garden competition February winner 2008/2009 - Monica Holt
When Monica Holt bought this 1940s ex-state house in Hayes Paddock, Hamilton East, six years ago, it looked very different. The two-bedroom house had dated colours and was awkwardly laid out. Monica removed a load-bearing wall between the kitchen and lounge to open up the space, and when it came time to choose colour, she had definite ideas – and an unusual source of inspiration. “I have a Crown Lynn… more
Resene Home and Garden competition January winner 2008/2009 – Jackie and Mick Flood
When Jackie Flood and her husband Mick bought this pretty 1850s cottage on Banks Peninsula, the exterior colour scheme wasn’t exactly her cup of tea. But as the couple began to renovate, the exterior colours began to grow on Jackie. She tackled the mammoth task of stripping the exterior totara weatherboards herself, a task that took many months to finish… more
December winner December winner 2008 - Kerry and Brett Forman
The decor of this delightful little Art Deco cottage in Napier needed some attention when Brett and Kerry Forman bought it. After a carefully considered paint job, it now shines inside and out. In homage to Napier’s Art Deco history, Kerry chose different Resene colours for each room and decorated the house with Art Deco accessories and furniture. “I researched colours and accessories by looking at Art Deco books from the library and by walking around town looking at the colours of the Art Deco buildings… more
November 2008 winner November winner 2008 - Xanthe Prentice
Xanthe Prentice is convinced that it was the egg-yolk-yellow walls that kept potential buyers away from the 1940s two bedroom bungalow that is now hers. “I think a lot of people looked at it and ran!” she says. After buying the bungalow in 2006, she painted all the walls in the Resene ‘Spanish White’ range. “The room I really went out on a limb for was the lounge, which I painted in lovely Resene Karen Walker ‘Rugged Lavender’... more
Resene YHG Colour Home Finalist October 2008 winner - Tamsin Hanly
It was partly the cost of painting a house that led to the dramatic colour scheme Tamsin Hanly chose for her Auckland villa. "I felt that if we were going to spend a significant amount of money repainting the house that we should be doing something active, confident, original and energetic," she says... more
Resene paints Your Home and Garden Grand Winner Grand winner 2007/2008 - Abby and Jason Luke
Jason Luke could be forgiven for looking a bit worried when his wife Abby goes off to work. After all, she went to work one day a few years ago and came back with a house! When the couple returned to New Zealand in 2005 after a few years in London, they settled back into life in Tauranga. Abby, a florist, was making a delivery one day when she caught sight of a 1900s-era villa with a 'for sale for removal' sign on it. "I rang the owner immediately and Jason and I had a look," says Abby. "It had been split into two flats... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition February 2008 winner - Catherine Crowley and Matthew Poland
Faced with the prospect of doing up a student flat, many people would bolt for the hills. But not so Catherine Crowley and partner Matthew Poland. "We were just so glad to find something in our price range," says Catherine. Recognising that the Wellington house had good bones, they set to work transforming it from student digs ("we still find bottle tops when digging the garden!") to family haven. First order of business was to choose colours for the interior, and the couple settled on Resene Buttery White for most of the internal walls... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition January 2008 winner - Peter Maddick
When you design and build a home all by yourself, spending three years on the project, you want it done right. When architectural designer Peter Maddick started building his home a few years ago, he wanted to try out different construction materials and methods, treating his home like a bach where "you feel freer to experiment," he says. And experiment Peter has. All of the inside wall panels are MDF or plywood, painted in the garden in Resene colours, then put in place... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition December 2007 winner - Michelle and Warren Nolan
After selling their beloved family home, Warren and Michelle Nolan couldn't imagine finding anything that would come close to replacing it. But when the couple came across an ex-rental in "appalling condition", their DIY skills kicked in, and they began its transformation. The first port of call was Resene for a can of Resene Pohutukawa, a rich red that the family painted onto a section of fence outside their living area. "We didn't want to see brown when we looked out the window," says Michelle... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition November 2007 winner – Davina Harper
To the uninitiated, a neutral colour scheme might seem like the easy option. But Davina Harper knows how complex the reality can be. When it came to painting the interior of her 1920s cottage she wanted to keep it simple, but she knew the varying amount of light in each room would have a big impact on the neutral colours she chose... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition October 2007 winner - Jo Blakey
When the Blakey family moved into their 1950s home in Mairangi Bay, Auckland, it was in a reasonable state, comfortable and structurally sound, but needed some touching up. Jo Blakey decided that the old living room - a light, sunny space with beautiful wooden floors, would be ideal for a playroom... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition Grand winner 2006/2007- Amber Hamilton
A neglected villa in Christchurch inspired this award-winning colour scheme. Its owners, Amber and John Hamilton, bought it with the intention of creating a stylish character home. They've achieved this and more, with clever use of colours and decorative features in keeping with the style of the home... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition February 2007 winner - Amber Hamilton
Freelance designer Amber Hamilton of Christchurch knows a colour cue when she spots one, and in the case of her glamorous kitchen it was a luscious length of drapery that took care of all the colourful decision-making. Its "antique" cream background and rich rose tones inspired the dramatic Resene Fahrenheit colour... more
YHG January 2007 winner January 2007 winner - Lynn Dill-Russell
Lynn Dill-Russell loves colour and she has painted the rooms in her replica villa in a range of colours. When it came to painting her country-style kitchen, she chose Resene Bermuda Grey for the walls and Resene Parchment for the cabinetry and trims... more
December winnerDecember 2006 winner - Emma and Peter Murray
Eleven-month-old Finn Murray knows an award-winning paint job when he sees one. Even as a little baby he'd reach out and touch the lustrous orange stripes that are part of the circus theme his parents Emma and Peter designed to add charm to his nursery. On the advice of staff at their local Resene ColorShop... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition November 2006 winner - Tessa Gabites and Carl Taylor
Thinking outside the square has won Tessa Gabites and Carl Taylor this month’s Resene Colour Home competition. They’ve also wowed their friends and family with the innovative design they applied to the master bedroom in their Christchurch home. Keen to go beyond the typical feature wall, Tessa devised a box theme... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition October 2006 winner - Sarah Gatjens
Inspired by the characters in the children's movie Madagascar, Sarah Gatjens created this colourful nursery when she was pregnant with her daughter Jessie, now seven months. Sarah took the spare bedroom in her rural Marlborough home (which she and husband Mark bought three years ago) and transformed it into a vibrant nursery... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition September 2006 winner - Sue Welford
If a house was a book, Sue Welford's would be a bestseller. Every page would be full of warmth and colour, and memories of her former home in Britain. Sue, author of the Charlie Scroggins and Just George kids' series, had never heard of the rock schist until she began telling admirers the name of her hallway paint... more
2005 grandwinner of the Resene Your Home and garden compatition Grand winner 2005 - Helen Wake
Helen Wake began painting with bold colour when she and her husband Dave bought this relocated villa in its Warkworth setting 18 months ago. And she hasn't stopped since! Helen loved its high stud, the story of its previous location next to the cathedral in Parnell, Auckland and its rural location for their three boys, but she hated its all-cream interior décor." But I knew I just needed to paint." Her first project was the library that is painted in Resene Donkey Brown... more
Bright Resene colours make a winner November 2005 winner - Lorraine and Warren Spiers
Lorraine and Warren Spiers of Whangarei Heads looked at all the colour options when painting their new home - all the colours that is, except, the neutrals. "I don't like beige - what's the point?" says Lorraine. Instead they've chosen a vibrant palette with Resene Blue Stone for their weatherboards, Resene Violent Violet for the window frames... more
Resene Your Home and Garden October winner October 2005 winner - Jenny Love
Once a lacklustre playroom that Jenny and Don Love's daughters - aged 10 and 13 - had grown out of, this dramatic rumpus room is now a drawcard for family friends of all ages. Jenny's inspiration for a retro look for this previously overlooked room in their 1960s home in Auckland came from two red hand-shaped 'OK' chairs from The Warehouse. Her paint choices flowed effortlessly from there, materialising in the pure tones of Resene Bright Red along two walls, soothing cream Resene Pearl Lusta to link the room to the adjoining rooms, and dark, defining Resene Nero for the door architraves... more
September winner of Resene and Your Home & Garden competition September 2005 winner - Angela and Steve Chase
The renowned Nelson homestead known as Sparrow House is now an even more eye-catching talking point for locals and tourists thanks to the exterior colour palette that Angela and Steve Chase have chosen with heritage styling in mind. Angela's inspiration initially came from the traditional dark green, yellows and reds from the Resene Heritage paint chart that has been relaunched this year, but she decided - with input from local Resene staff - to go with softer tones from other Resene palettes for a fresh twist... more
August 2005 winner of Resene and Your Home & Garden competition August 2005 winner - Ann Gray
A healthy dose of imagination and practical advice from the staff at the Resene ColorShop in Masterton helped Ann Gray put together this eye-catching paint treatment for the kitchen of her coastal Wairarapa holiday home. Ann and Noel Gray built their home out of concrete for its thermal mass qualities and its appropriateness to the raw beauty of its location near Cape Palliser, but Ann wanted to enliven the plywood kitchen to bring colour to the neutral interiors. Rather than going with the popular blonded plywood treatment, she chose Resene Pigeon Post from the Resene Colorwood stain chart... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition July 2005 winner - Helen Wake
Unsure of the best colour for her dining room, Helen Wake solved the problem with strategic aplomb - by painting the adjoining hallway first. As soon as she'd finished the hallway in Resene Hillary, she knew that the first red colour she'd spotted - Resene Dynamite - would be perfect. "I wanted the rooms to relate and I just knew that the red would work". Her husband Dave was horrified when he saw her rolling on the first swathes of colour... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition June 2005 winner - Julie and Mac Robson
Julie didn't need a dose of bravery to go with her bold paint choice of Resene Vermont. "I just picked it out and loved it straight away." Her Designers Guild stripes and furnishing fabrics and throws were all sourced from Allium, Auckland, just as quickly. Says Julie, "I'm not scared of colour. I love a lot of colour. It's uplifting."... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition Grand winner 2004 - Jenny and Martin Caughley
With just one bedroom left to work their colour magic on, Jenny and Martin Caughley have achieved what they set out to do when they redecorated their 1920s converted bach located in the Eastbourne hills, near Wellington. The creative couple has used paint to add panache and ambiance. In its bush setting, their once-faded brown house now sports an exterior scheme that is a special blend of Resene Red Oxide from the Resene Hi-Glo colour chart, with Resene Half Spanish White on the window frames and Resene Deep Teal on the sills and architraves. Inside, they have repeated colours... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition November 2004 winner - Jane Molloy-Wolt
Jane Molloy-Wolt of Christchurch gets her colour fix from the dramatic 'retro' canvas art in her sitting room and in the cushions she cut from sheets of felt. She has set all these beautiful craft works against a neutral backdrop of black leather furniture and walls painted in Resene s base colour white. She allowed herself a splurge of rich colour in the fireplace feature wall in Resene Oil. "It picks up the lovely iridescent tones that you get when you see a drop of oil in a puddle of rain"... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition October 2004 winner - LeeAnn Jecentho
Says Aucklander LeeAnn Jecentho, "I love red as an accent colour, rather than as a wall of red. I wanted to use the colour with earthy tones to create a stylish look in these two rooms that have been opened up to create one really functional space in our bungalow." To balance the red kitchen accessories, LeeAnn enlivened the dining room with artwork using Resene Makara, Resene Livid Brown and Resene Red Berry, with Resene Akaroa as the base colour... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition September 2004 winner - Charlotte Meehan
Limited to colouring up accessories in her rented all-white home, Charlotte Meehan of Pukekohe drew earthy inspiration from a tapa cloth she and partner Simon Wilcox had been given. Her creative solutions came from a palette that comprises Resene Makara for her bedroom furniture, Resene Oilskin for the wall clock and Resene Nero for the tapa frame. These colours add a stylish accent to the white walls... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition August 2004 winner - Jenny and Martin Caughley Passionate about the colour red, Martin and Jenny decided to "go all out" with rich colour, choosing Resene Shiraz for the walls and refurbished clawfoot bath of their family bathroom. Their first renovation task, though, was to install the skylight that brightened this room in their 20s bach-style house immensely. When the lights are dimmed, the bathroom takes on a moody, romantic ambience... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition July 2004 winner - Tia Warbrick
Tia and her eight-year-old daughter Rian played around with many Resene testpots and different dècor looks before painting up a vision that has transformed Rian's sunny bedroom in the family's Lower Hutt villa. Tia's inspiration for the soft, feminine colours came from a pretty table arrangement at a recent wedding and together, mother and daughter worked through Rian's initial ideas of having either stripes or a green feature wall. In the end, they happily agreed on pale pink walls in Resene Tutu, keeping the soft Resene Hint of Green for Rian's furniture... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition June 2004 winner - Adele and Mitch Hammond
There were no surprises when Adele and Mitch Hammond of Timaru chose rich, bold colours for their bungalow home - they'd used adventurous colours in their previous, new homes. When they bought their circa 20s character house 18 months ago, Adele knew she would choose strong tones for this first renovation project. For their new cedar tongue and groove front door, they chose Resene Monarch... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition Grand winner 2003 - John Botica
John's world is in technicolor - he has used the brightest Resene shades and vibrant Spanish tiles to turn his outdoor area into a visual fantasy. Every surface, from the fence to the brick barbecue and the concrete water tank, has been adorned with his favourite theme - the art of the South American Indians. These include the Incan man on the fence, the Incan woman on the barbecue and the toucan parrot and Incan warrior on the exterior of the house... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition November 2003 winner - John Botica
Inspired by the late artist Hundertwasser, who used colour to transform buildings, John Botica used his boundary fence to showcase his love of bold hues and mosaic art. He began with blues, using Resene Tory Blue, Resene Governor Bay, Resene Vortex, Resene Butterfly Bush and Resene Pelorous, adding the greens Resene Japanese Laurel, Resene Eucalyptus and Resene Sea Green... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition October 2003 winner - Jeanette Culton-Mayor
Jeanette Culton-Mayor had wisely chosen the duvet cover before the feature wall colour for three-year-old Stella's bedroom. The bed sports an EziBuy double duvet, while a matching single duvet was split down the seams to create curtains. Then, when Jeanette discovered the bright turquoise tones of Resene Scooter, she knew she had the look for a feminine bedroom that wouldn't date as Stella grew... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition September 2003 winner - Judith Watson and Andy Wotton
The subtle lilac tones in the existing carpet and new curtains inspired Judith's choice of Resene Salt Box for the feature wall behind the 70s fireplace that she and Andy had rebuilt during challenging alterations to their living room. With two walls painted in Resene Salt Box and two in Resene Sisal, the couple chose Resene Tapa to add visual oomph... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition August 2003 winner - Jeannie Steer
Jeannie Steer disliked the insipid peachy cabinetry in her kitchen so much that within a week of moving into her townhouse she'd completely repainted it. She took inspiration for the Resene Waikawa Grey from the dark grey grout in the terracotta-tiled floor and the bluish tones in the grain of the rustic timber breakfast bar top. "The old colour was just ghastly but at least the cupboards were wood and they could easily be repainted," she says... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition July 2003 winner - Sue McGuinness
Keen to get her exterior colour scheme right, Sue McGuinness used Resene testpots to paint several enlarged photocopies of snapshots she'd taken. Sue used Resene Splash on the weatherboards, Resene Rhino on the architraves and fretwork, Resene Tussock on the front bargeboard and the window frames and Resene Putty on the verandah posts and floor... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition June 2003 winner - Jules Pate
To Jules Pate's dismay, mould began appearing on the papered walls just months after she moved into her home, but she decided to do more than just fix the underlying problem. Jules decided her room deserved a sophisticated colour scheme that would complement her existing red curtains and blue carpet. For her feature wall she chose Resene Metallic Digital Blue and brushed it on in a cross-hatched motion to add texture... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition Grand winner 2002 - Julia and Wayne Keightley
Julia and Wayne chose a few strong colours for each room, to complement the timber and antiques already in their home. "We're pretty much blue people," says Julia Keightley, "but every time we'd finish a room and go to start on the next one, we'd find ourselves saying 'We can't paint this room blue as well!'" So out would come the Resene fandecks, and a few minutes later the Keightley's would have their new alternative... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition November 2002 winner - Rebecca Johnson
Resene s EzyPaint system and a Resene colour consultant helped Rebecca Johnson choose the Resene Chatelle and Resene Wasabi that has transformed the bedroom of her Lower Hutt home. Rebecca has always loved a purple and green combination and she had collected accessories in these colours before she began work on turning the previously unlined, stand-alone garage space of her 40s home into this fresh and tranquil room... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition October 2002 winner - Jeanette Troon
The Resene colours Resene Royal Heath and the lighter Resene Classic Rose gave Jeanette Troon of Wellington just the right combination of pinks for this magical transformation to the bedroom of her seven-year-old daughter Freya Milner. The large villa bedroom has previously been painted a bland 'cream on cream'. Jeannette opted for the popular raspberry shade on the feature wall and the duvet cover helped provide a tonal balance of blues and purples... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition September 2002 winner - Dot and Michael Haslam
Five colours, plus black and white, made up the Resene palette from which muralist Glen Hutchins created this native backdrop to Dot and Michael Haslam's courtyard in Mt Roskill, Auckland. Glen, who has several murals to his credit, says he always chooses Resene paints for their pure rich colour and durability. Briefed to create a waterfall on the 5m x 3.5m high concrete block wall, Glen chose Resene Bush... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition August 2002 winner - Chris Whitaker
The rich tones of Resene Hawaiian Tan and Resene Deep Koamaru inspired Chris Whitaker's new-look laundry in her home near Otaki Beach. The two colours delivered the perfect antidote to the previously dull pastel-coloured laundry and inspired the mosaic tiled floor... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition July 2002 winner - Ros and Maurice Limmer
Undeterred by friends who thought a dark living room would be gloomy, Ros Limmer trusted her instincts and ordered Resene Aubergine for the walls of this space, then stood back to enjoy all the compliments. Not content to stop at the walls, Ros chose Resene Luxor Gold for the doors and painted two cabinets in half-strength Resene Putty for contrast... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition June 2002 winner - Julia and Wayne Keightley
Julia and Wayne Keightley's shared tastes in the smart use of colour helped them put together this simple scheme for the bedroom of their Feilding home that they have been renovating over the past three years. They let their eyes do the walking by scanning the Resene palettes for just the right inky blue feature wall colour to go with the neutral main walls in Resene Sisal. They chose Resene Black Rock... more
Resene / Your Home and Garden Colour Home Awards competition May 2002 winner - Sarah and Michael Marks
A green feature wall in Resene Lima that adds oomph to a crisp black and white scheme was Sarah Marks' colourful solution to the original pink bathroom in her family's home. When Sarah and Michael Marks bought the ex-State house three years ago they ripped up the mouldy white shagpile carpet in the bathroom, replacing it temporarily with a vinyl floor, until they were ready to redecorate... more

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