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How to find COLORBOND® and COLORSTEEL® paint colour matches

One of the most common requests we get to our Ask a Colour Expert service goes along the lines of 'I have this COLORSTEEL® or COLORBOND® colour, what should I use with it?'

For many they prefer to get inspired by the full range of Resene colours and our colour expert can guide them through our colour range to decide on a palette. Others prefer to limit themselves to just matches of COLORBOND® or COLORSTEEL® colours.

If you prefer to keep to the COLORBOND® or COLORSTEEL® palette or you’re looking for a paint colour match to a COLORBOND® or COLORSTEEL® colour, we recommend you use the Resene Roof Systems colour chart. This chart has a collection of colours especially designed for roofs, including matches to popular COLORBOND® and COLORSTEEL® colours. Each colour has noted underneath the chip the colour name of the COLORBOND® or COLORSTEEL® colour it matches.

Many of these colours are available in Resene CoolColour™ technology designed to reduce exterior heat build up compared to a normal paint colour. The COLORBOND® and COLORSTEEL® Resene colour matches can be tinted into a wide range of Resene paints.

In addition to these colours, there are other popular Resene roofing colours including aluminium and micaceous iron oxide options. As well as the colour chart, all these colours are also available in A4 swatches available for ordering from our drawdowns service via our online service or fax order service, and Resene testpots.

If you find you need a colour match that isn’t on this chart you can request it via any Resene owned ColorShop or your Resene representative. We have a huge library of colour matches in our e-tint colour formula library.

You can pick up a free Resene Roof Systems chart from any Resene owned ColorShop or order your free copy online.

COLORSTEEL® Resene colour matches

COLORBOND® Resene colour matches

Resene colours with COLORBOND® and/or COLORSTEEL® noted beside them have been colour matched to the equivalent COLORBOND® and/or COLORSTEEL® colour samples in 2009. If an exact match is required we recommend you check your chosen colour against the actual sample of the product prior to purchasing. COLORBOND® is a registered trademark of Bluescope Steel Limited. COLORSTEEL® is a registered trademark of New Zealand Steel Limited.

Resene Roof Paint Colours chart
View colour chart (PDF)


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