What does your bedroom colour say about your personality?

What does your bedroom colour say about you?

We all have power colours that we tend to gravitate toward. These colours work their way into things like our wardrobe, our car choices and the way we decorate our homes. But that makes us wonder, what do these colours mean? Surely they must have some deep psychological meaning about our personalities? 

Wonder no more, because as it turns out, the colours we choose to surround ourselves with are indeed indicative of our true selves. And what's the one place where we can truly be ourselves at home? The bedroom, of course! This is your personal sanctuary to be the real you without the worry of embarrassing yourself. 

So, let's bring this full circle. If you're only your true self in the bedroom, then what does the colour you chose to paint your boudoir walls say about you? 

Blue walls

Have you ever heard that the colour blue has the power to bring tranquillity to a room? Is this reflective of your personality when you enter a space? Blue also helps people relax and fall asleep at bedtime. If your walls are blue, then you're able to get a good night sleep, and a good night's sleep leads to a more peaceful mindset, allowing you to bring tranquillity back into the room. You see, it's all a big cycle!

If you want a blue bedroom, try Resene Smalt Blue with stripes of Resene Half Milk White

Bedrooms with a blue theme tend to belong to relaxing personalities.Bedrooms with a blue theme tend to belong to relaxing personalities.

Red walls

Are you aggressive? Because that's what the colour red tends to give off! It's not necessarily a bad thing either. A red boudoir also indicates some love and passion. One way or another, these meanings all come together to make a compassionate person and bedroom to match.

If you want this vibe in your bedroom, try Resene Burnt Sienna

Green walls

Level headed and down to earth, that's what green evokes! If you're constantly trying to keep everything in your life balanced and in perfect harmony, then you probably gravitate towards green hues. This is also a relatively earthy colour, so it's also probable that you enjoy low-key activities like yoga.

If you need more green in your life, try Resene Bud

Yellow walls

You see the colour yellow and you tend to instantly feel warm and welcome, don't you? Warmer colours like yellow tend to give off a friendly, nurturing vibe which makes people comfortable around you. With this colour, comfort is the name of the game, as yellow just so happens to be the second-best colour to help put people to sleep.

If you're looking for more yellow in the boudoir, try a soft tone like Resene Buttermilk

Beige walls

Beige is the classic people pleaser. It's the ultimate colour of neutrality – people who gravitate towards beige tend to put others needs before their own. It's an admirable colour to pick.

If you're all about the beige, try Resene Quarter Tea.

White walls

Are you a workaholic? Because believe it or not, but people who have white walls have been found to take some late night work to bed with them on average three times a week, reports HouseBeautiful. White is a classic, and typically represents someone who appreciates keeping everything in a neat and orderly fashion. If you want to stick with a white theme, just try to find a bit of a better work-life balance!

For a nice crisp white, try Resene White. Or view the Resene whites and neutrals collections for a wide range of off whites if you want a touch more colour. 

White bedrooms keep it classic. White bedrooms keep it classic.
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