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Recycled dragonfly art

Diane Turner gets creative with bed legs.

How to make a dragonfly from recycled wood

I really enjoy the insect life that visits my garden, especially dragonflies, which are such delicate creatures. I also think are is a great way to capture nature while brightening up your garden. Combining these ideas led me to create homemade dragonflies, which are certainly bright and could also be made into butterflies.

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Step 1 how to make a dragonfly

Step 1
I found bed legs at my local Salvation Army Family Store, where they were $2 each. You don't have to use bed legs, as old chair legs or stair spindles would work just as well. Make sure you remove any varnish with sandpaper and then give the legs a wipe down with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust before you begin to paint. Try to find recycled materials for the wings as well.

Step 2 how to make a dragonfly

Step 2
The materials you use for your wings and eyes can be different thicknesses to mine, so use the best fasteners for the job. Milk bottles can be cut into wing shapes - it helps to use a template.

Step 3 how to make a dragonfly

Step 3
The wire wings are a bit fiddly to make, but they do look very delicate close up. Take old wire coat hangers, cut off the hooked hanger part and bend into shape. Weave some thin copper wire around the frames to imitate the veins in a dragonfly 's wings. The copper will lose its shiny gleam over time. You could also try weaving with wool or string.

Step 4 how to make a dragonfly

Step 4
Each dragonfly will have its own personality and can be as whacky and bright as your imagination will allow!

Step 5 how to make a dragonfly

Step 5
Let your dragonflies loose in the garden. Fishing line is almost invisible and can be used to tie your creations to hooks on your fence.

Step 6 how to make a dragonfly

Use drawing pins or screws to fasten the wings and eyes on the body.

Step 7 how to make a dragonfly

This one has buttons threaded onto wire for the feelers.

Step 8 how to make a dragonfly

Decorate your wings with anything you like. Glass beads on this one.

Photos by Diane Turner


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